Hey #CloneClub, remember when we promised to give away more iconic items from the OB wardrobe room? The time has come. Lucky fans scored Helena’s coat and Sarah’s Clash tee, now we’re giving away another big ticket item from the pristine closet of your fave soccer mom/murderer, Alison Hendrix. Here is your opportunity to own Alison’s Bailey Downs Ice Queens jacket.

It’s the Watch to Win Alison’s Ice Queens Jacket Giveaway!

WHEN TO WATCH: Tune in for Episode 2.02 on April 26th at 9/8c on BBC America.

HOW TO ENTER: During the show, tweet your live commentary with the hashtag #OrphanBlack, and you’re automatically entered to win. It’s that easy. Watch the live broadcast, tweet the hashtag #OrphanBlack, win. We’ll keep the entry window open during both the East/West coast airings.

PRIZES: One fan will win the 100% authentic, Alison “Eff It” Hendrix Bailey Downs Ice Queens jacket, complete with a Bailey Downs Ice Queens patch, last seen in the back of Chad’s minivan and spilling booze all over Mrs. S’ house. It would be a real bummer if only one fan won things this week, so we’ll also pick THREE additional runner-ups to win Orphan Black swag.





OFFICIAL RULES: http://www.bbcamerica.com/terms-and-conditions/#twitter-rules

Good luck, #CloneClub. See you Saturday.

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Tatiana Maslany + smiling tongue poke [pt.3]

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I hope this hasn’t been done yet

I might be too late

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Orphan Black + all clone`s names

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Tatiana Maslany talks to goldenglobes.com

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Zac Efron Alphabet 
↳ B {3/3] for Brittany Snow.

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"Évelyne has a great body….. of film work."

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Is Tat saying bang while pretending to shoot a gun in the first one omgavaris

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clone family + caring about each other

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Celebrities in B&W » Tatiana Maslany

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